Chacaltaya mountain Road

Way less touristic than the Death road, Chacaltaya road is a dirt road leading from Chacaltaya mountain, equivalent to Mt Everest’s base camps height (5421 m, 17 800 feet), in the amazon region of Bolivia. There is no place on earth where you can mountain bike such a loss of altitude in one day (4300 m, 14 100 feet). Chacaltaya Mountain used to be the highest ski resort on earth before the glacier melted.

The ride starts at the very top of the mountain, with the spectacular views of the surrounding Andes Mountains and the Titicaca Lake. You will experience a massive change of ecosystem, starting from a mineral landscape full of ancient colorful glacier lagoons to the lush vegetation of the amazon jungle. Leaving the Chacaltaya, you will then enter the Zongo valley, a beautiful route full of streams, waterfalls and strong rivers, surrounded by huge steep vertical mountains framing the landscape.

Double suspention Price Glory USD 60.-

Private transport return from/to La Paz (our bus pick up at hotels located within our central pick up zone)

  • Bilingual/trilingual guide
  • Bike
  • Safety equipment : Full face helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, elbow and knee pads
  • Continental breakfast
  • Snack
  • Box lunch
  • Water (2 liters)
  • Pictures and videos of your ride.

A CD with the pictures and videos of your ride.

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