People who will kindly attend you at Xtreme Downhill

  • Sonia Aguilar: owner of Xtreme Downhill. Speaks english and spanish
  • Rodolfo Gabino: creator of Xtreme Downhill, purchase of MTB and spare parts. Speaks english and spanish.
  • Philippe Forestello: general manager, guide, speaks english, french, spanish, portuguese. Responsible for general organization of Xtreme Downhill, and the quality of the tours. Counseler for the Xtreme bike maintainance workshop. Passionate by motorcycles, worked as mechanical engeneer on french motorcycle project Midual (
  • Ariel Saravia: chief mechanic and guide (12 years of expérience), speaks english, spanish.
  • Jorge Guachalla: organisation of tours, guide, speaks english, spanish.
  • Luz Mamani: office sales, speaks english, spanish.
  • Gaby Sucasaire: office sales, speaks english, spanish.
  • Thomas Coeffet: senior guide, speaks english, spanish.
  • Martin : senior guide, speaks english, german, spanish.
  • Ruben Prieto: senior guide, speaks english, spanish.
  • Edgar Quispe: guide, bus driver.
  • Fernando Flores: mechanic and guide
  • Freddy Limachi: guide, speaks english, spanish..
  • Alex Quispe: guide , maintenance of gear.
  • Victor Mamani: mechanics and guide (12 ans d’experience)
  • Iver Mamani: mechanics and guide
  • Johnny ”Shimano”: mechanic
  • Cornelio Quispe: bus driver
  • Paulino Apaza: bus driver
  • Jimena Aguilar: purchasing
  • Jorge Morales: preparation of gear, and maintenance.
  • Eddy Aguilar: breakfast and snacks preparation.
  • Gaby Condori: maintainance of gear.

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